Volume 49 Issue 5 May 1999

Franco and Azaña

The rival leaders in Spain’s Civil War were as different as the causes they embodied. Paul Preston compares their contrasting characters.

Protest and Survive

Bruce Kent reflects on the achievements and shortcomings of the peace movement and anti-nuclear weapons campaigns of the 1980s, from a post-Cold War perspective.

When the World Loved the Boers

Donal Lowry shows how the Boers could count on worldwide support in their struggle with Britain with some sympathisers backing them on the battlefield.

Divided We Stand

Kenneth O. Morgan contrasts the differing historical roots of devolution in Scotland and Wales, and argues that the two nations may be on the verge of a renaissance

Oliver's Army

1999 is clearly a year for commemorating Cromwell. But why?

Fever Pitch, 1909

Simon Craig discusses the long-term feud between the Scottish football teams Celtic and Rangers and a rare episode ninety years ago, when fans from both sides united against the authorities.