Volume 49 Issue 12 December 1999

Children’s Crusade

Durham primary teacher David Field describes how he is trying to set his children on a path that may make them the historians of the twenty-first century.

The Story of Time

The Royal Observatory launches a new all-encompassing exhibition on the history of time.

Reformation Europe Re-formed

Andrew Pettegree re-reads Geoffrey Elton’s classic text and considers how the subject has developed in nearly four decades since it was written.

The Victoria County History

C.R.J. Currie celebrates the Victoria County History - a monument to the past that is looking forward confidently to the future.

Making Up For Lost Time

Robert Poole revisits the ‘Calendar Riots’ of 1752 and suggests they are a figment of historians’ imagination.

Conversations with Malthus

Suzanne Rickard meets one of the bogeymen of the 19th century and discovers he was not the cold-hearted monster that was often portrayed.