Volume 44 Issue 11 November 1994

Quilting the Rocky Road

Christina Walkley looks at how the triumphs and tragedies of pioneer women on the trail West can be traced in their patchwork quilts.

Canadian Controversies

Bryan Palmer looks at how language, geography, regionalism, class and gender are interacting to make for interesting times in Canada's historiography.

Forbidden Britain

Steve Humphries uncovers via oral testimony the hidden history of Britain's pre-war homeless

Mary Tudor and the Re-Catholicisation of England

Has our image of Henry VIII's elder daughter as 'Bloody Mary', burning Protestants and unhappily married to Philip of Spain, clouded our assessment of how close she came to restoring the old religion? 

The Cyrene Apollo

Peter Higgs looks at how a monumental Hellenistic statue sheds light on culture, religion and identity in Roman North Africa.