Volume 42 Issue 2 February 1992

Birth of Louis XII, King of France

Louis XII came to the throne in 1498 and ruled France for sixteen years. According to Howell Lloyd, he was a 'ruler in transition': images of Louis XII elevated royal power to divine status, paving the way for the ideology of absolutism to flourish in the era of the Sun King.

Ale Tales

Margaret Ballard considers the research of the Brewery History Society

In Search of Europe

Mia Rodriguez-Salgado goes in search of an idea that has puzzled people from Charlemagne to Adenauer.

Nineteenth Century Hidden Agendas

Dorothy Thompson looks at the impact of revisionism and triumphalism on tales of solidarity and struggle from the society of the Industrial Revolution.

Gender, Class and Nation

Leonore Davidoff on how women's history has been interwoven with debates on society and identity and its prospects for durability.