Volume 42 Issue 10 October 1992

Electing Oswestry's MP, 1901

John Biffen reflects on the by-election campaign that elected one of his predecessors from Shropshire to the House of Commons.

John Buchan Society

Richard Cavendish on an association dedicated to the MP, publisher, soldier, Christian and governor-general of Canada

Beveridge's Trojan Horse

Harriet Jones assesses the historic blueprint for Britain's post-war Welfare State and what part it played in Labour's 1945 election landslide victory.

Hitler and the Rhineland, 1936 - A Decisive Turning-Point

Hitler's march into the demilitarised Rhineland heralded Churchill's 'gathering storm' – but could the Fuhrer's bluff have been called and the Second World War prevented? Sir Nicholas Hederson, who as Britain's ambassador in Washington during the Falklands crisis saw diplomatic poker eventually turn to war, offers a reassessment of the events of 1936.