Volume 38 Issue 6 June 1988

Devon's Copper Phoenix

Tony Aldous describes the restoration of Morwellham which was once one of the greatest copper ports in the Victorian empire.

Imagining History

A few questions are posed on the 'magic of history' in the twentieth century.

Charles the Bald & the Image of Kingship

The creation of the powerful propaganda image of the early medieval king as divinely-inspired and sanctioned was the work not of Charlemagne but his lesser-known grandson.

Spying for the Kaiser

Popular obsession with German espionage in the early 1900s proved to be well-founded, as Nicholas Hiley shows in an examination of the prewar activites of a group of agents controlled by the 'Kaiser's Spymaster'.

Portugal's Impact on Africa

Bartholomew Dias' voyage to the Cape of Good Hope in the late 15th century marked the apex of an extraordinary Portuguese expansion overseas and the start of a fateful European impact on South Africa.