Volume 31 Issue 2 February 1981

Monument: A House in Aspic

Juliet Gardiner continues our Monument series, welcoming the opening of Linley Sambourne’s house in London as one of the few city house museums to show us the habitat of the urban dweller and to satisfy our curiosity about the surroundings of people’s lives in the past.

500 Years of the Spanish Inquisition

February, 1981 marks the fifth centenary of the inauguration of the Spanish Inquisition. Over the years many myths and misconceptions have grown up around the Inquisition. These are dispelled in this commemorative essay by Henry Kamen, author of The Spanish Inquisition.

Witch Beliefs and Witch-hunting in England and Scotland

Comparisons between the English and Scottish witch-hunts have been drawn from as early as 1591. Using recent research on the subject from both sides of the border, Christina Larner offers a timely reassessment of their differences.

Makers of the Twentieth Century: Nasser

Robert Stephens looks at how Nasser left his mark on nearly twenty years of Egyptian, Arab and world history. An anti-colonialist who extended his concern to the newly liberated countries of the Third World, he has been acclaimed as a nationalist liberator - and condemned as a warmonger.