Volume 30 Issue 7 July 1980

St Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena lived out her whole life with a profound belief in the spiritual value of lay experience, explains Judith Hook.

The Celtic South

Forrest McDonald and Grady McWhiney look at Celtic emigration to the Southern states of America.

The Maoris in New Zealand History

When the British and Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, Governor Hobson declared: 'We are one people'. Today, as Professor Keith Sinclair shows, this hope has still to be realised.

The Myth of Iona

The island of lona became the centre of Celtic Christianity in Scotland with the arrival of St. Columba in 563. Yet the monuments remaining there, argues Ruth Hildebrandt, are representative of another age and do not reflect the beliefs or practices of the Columban church.

Cook, Darwin and Coral Reefs

Our understanding of coral and coral reefs, believes C.M. Yonge, was greatly advanced by the voyages of Cook and Darwin to the South Pacific.

Makers of the Twentieth Century: Hitler

Hitler's contribution to the history of the twentieth century has been one of destruction. The war he started in 1939, argues Jeremy Noakes, was to recast the pattern of our world irreparably.