Volume 30 Issue 5 May 1980

A History of the Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, was one of the great revolutionary upheavals of the 20th century. What were its causes and consequences?

The Hindu Renaissance of the Late 19th Century

Hinduism in the late nineteenth century, explains Lenah Leneman, experienced a revival that was to reawaken its devotees to their ancient faith, expose them to Christian and Muslim ideas, and finally to make its influence felt as far afield as America.

The Tron Riot of 1812

The New Year murder of an Edinburgh watchman, explains Andrew G. Ralston, was to affect both local security and attitudes to young offenders.

Makers of the Twentieth Century: Gandhi

Gandhi's lasting significance lies, perhaps, not so much in what he actually did, but what he stood for.... Men like him may be done to death, but their message is not silenced in the making of this century.

Lord Liverpool: A Private View

Norman Gash on the personal life of the man who was Prime Minister at the time of Waterloo and for nearly twelve years afterwards, who has hitherto excited little attention.