Volume 26 Issue 2 February 1976

Edward, The Black Prince

The eldest son of Edward III took a decisive part in the battles of the Hundred Years’ War and was regarded as a paragon of chivalry. C.T. Allmand describes how the Black Prince, as he would become known, was his father’s chief lieutenant in Aquitaine, 1355-72.

More’s House in Chelsea

Thomas More and his family moved into his ‘Great House’ in Chelsea in 1518. L.W. Cowie describes their life there, until More's arrest in 1534.

Etruscan Jewellery

Michael Grant describes how, when Etruscan civilization burst into flower, among its most characteristic products was a wealth of splendid jewels.

Eating in Paris

Joanna Richardson takes the reader on a culinary tour of the French capital, asking why, for several centuries, Paris has been the gastronomic capital of the Western world.