Volume 23 Issue 2 February 1973

The Redoubtable Lady Holland

Presided over by this difficult, capricious yet highly gifted London hostess, Holland House, wrote a contemporary diarist, became ‘the house of all Europe’. By Prudence Hannay.

The Siege of Valletta, 1798-1800

Christopher Hibbert describes how the people of Malta revolted against their Napoleonic garrison and, with British and Neapolitan aid, became a British Mediterranean dependency.

The Fall of Siena

In the 1550s, writes Judith Hook, one of the last of the independent Italian republics was overwhelmed by the forces of the Holy Roman Empire.

Napoleon III and Napoleon IV

Joanna Richardson describes how the last Emperor of the French died at Chislehurst, Kent; his son was killed in the British Zulu war.

Heavenly Horses

Gerald Morgan describes how the history of Europe and Asia was changed when Mongolian horses were adopted for migration.