Volume 19 Issue 11 November 1969

King Mindon of Burma

For twenty-five years, King Mindon preserved a peaceful and progressive atmosphere in nineteenth-century Burma.

Gandhi and the British Empire

‘If this Empire seems an evil thing to me, it is not because I hate the British, I hate only the Empire.’ B.G. Gokhale offered an assessment of Gandhi upon the centenary of his birth.

Accounts Rendered, 1700-1714

Kenneth Woodbridge describes the letters of Sir Richard Hoare, Banker, Goldsmith and Lord Mayor of London, to his sons.

The Siege of La Rochelle, Part I

G.A. Rothrock describes how, at the close of the French Wars of Religion in 1627-8, the Protestant centre of La Rochelle succumbed to royal siege.

Gibbon and History

J.H. Plumb comments on how the famous historian of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon, sought a detached and truthful past, free from preconception or the idea of inherent purpose.