Volume 12 Issue 11 November 1962

Fouché, Part II: The Statesman and His Fall

Harold Kurtz describes how for nearly ten years, in two spells of office, the Republican Fouché was the virtual head of the internal government of France under the increasing Traditionalism of Napoleon’s rule.

The First Vatican Council, 1869-1870

The Vatican Council now in session, writes John Raymond, faces many issues very different from that which dominated its predecessor nearly a century ago.

All the World About

A study of the cosmographical theories and nautical observations that prompted Columbus’s momentous voyage to the unknown West in 1492.

Hugh of Lincoln: the Hammer of Kings

Described by John Ruskin as “the most beautiful sacerdotal figure known to me in history,” the heroic bishop triumphantly upheld his office against two proud and strong-willed English sovereigns.

Crossing the Thames: Watermen and the New Bridge

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, there was a clear stretch of water between Kingston Bridge and London Bridge. By 1800, despite lobbying by powerful vested interests, six new bridges spanned the river.