Volume 1 Issue 11 November 1951

British Diplomacy and the Giant Grenadiers of Frederick William I

The tall army recruits known as the Potsdam Giants, F.L. Carsten writes, played a considerable part in the British diplomacy during the early 18th century, and the efforts of the Prussian recruiting sergeants to procure men of the desired size extended to the British Isles.

Russia in California

The Russians were the first Europeans to sense California's potential, George Edinger writes, and had they not sold their settlement there in 1841, seven years before the Gold Rush, the world could have been a different place a century later.

British Towns and Cities: Lewes

Garth Christian appraised the “ancient character” of Lewes, taking in its Puritanical influence, its legacy of ironworks and its architectural highlights.

A Chinese Poet in Central Asia

Ts’ên Shên was one of the celebrated poets of the T’ang dynasty. Here, Arthur Waley explores his body of work and the tumultuous career that propelled it.