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Women’s realm: a birthing room, Dutch, 17th century.

The propagation of humanity has been a bloody struggle for women.

The unusual circumstances of the founding of New Orleans have had lasting impact on its culture. 

'Poem Written in a Boat on the Wu River', by Mi Fu, c.1095.

From cave paintings to Kindle, our history is written in ink – adapted and reinvented to reflect, and influence, the needs of the day.

Equal rewards: returning soldiers are welcomed at a railway station, 1917.

Why did only some women get the vote in 1918 and what did they do with it?

The six titles on the shortlist for our annual book prize.

‘Madame is dying … Madame is dead!’

Eminent Albanian: portrait of Skanderbeg by Antonio Maria Crespi ‘il Bustino’, c.1620.

Albania’s greatest military hero dedicated his life to fighting for his beleaguered homeland.

Prora in 2004.

On the coast of Rügen island in northern Germany is a beach resort fit for a Führer.

Bitter memories: a German guard on the streets of Gdynia, occupied Poland, September 1939.

A new law exposes the problematic nature of Holocaust remembrance.

One of the great struggles of writing a history of gender identity is understanding people’s internal lives. How should we talk about those who dressed as men and went to war?