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The entrance to Endell Street Military Hospital, 1917 © © TopFoto.

The First World War offered new opportunities for enterprising female doctors.

Advertisement for London coffeehouse, c.1700 © Bridgeman Images.

Coffeehouses and coffee were not as closely related as one might think.

James Buchanan (detail), illustration by Charles Child, 1933 © Bridgeman Images.

Attempts by the US and French governments to buy favourable coverage in British newspapers proved a costly failure.

Jemima Campbell, Marchioness Grey (detail) by Allan Ramsay, 1741 © National Trust Photographic Library/Bridgeman Images.

A lively, privileged group of young intellectuals grew ever more alarmed by the crises that struck Britain in the mid-1740s.

Women workers at Crossley’s factory, Halifax, West Yorkshire, 1959 © Mirrorpix/Getty Images.

A momentous change in the status of women began in the 1950s.

King and counsel: Aristotle and his Pupil Alexander, woodcut, by Otto Spamer, 1876 © akg-images.

The uneasy balance between rulers and counsellors has been a feature of British politics for centuries.

British and Indian troops at the Lions’ Gate, Jerusalem’s Old City, 4 April 1920 © Bridgeman Images.

What the Easter 1920 riots in Jerusalem revealed about British rule in Palestine.

The Gorleston Psalter (detail), 1310-25 © British Library Board/Bridgeman Images.

How Worcestershire sauce changed the way we look at medieval manuscripts.

Still Life with Fruit, by Osias Beert, c.1600 © National Portrait Gallery, London.

How Chinese porcelain became a worldwide sensation, changing tastes and the global economy.

 The Ptolemaic system of the universe from the Harmonia Macrocosmica, by Andreas Cellarius, 1708 © Bridgeman Images

The long and complicated history of why there are 360 degrees in a circle.