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The peoples of Germany's African colonies recovered from the conflict against all the odds.

A servant fixes a young woman's hair. Detail of a fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, c.50 BC

‘We have not kept our women individually under control, we now dread them collectively’, said Cato the Elder, as women took to the streets to protest unfair laws.

The first royal divorce scandal in European history pioneered a new kind of crisis.

Uzbekistan, from Silk Road to Soviet Union.

Before the British Empire and the Atlantic slave trade, Africans lived freely in Tudor England.

The pain of war had at least one positive side-effect: medical advances in haematology.

A selection of our favourite articles from the past year.

A new old take on the Danish succession, complete with tales of derring do.

From slavery, sugar and the worst of western colonialism to reggae and Rastafari.

Courtesy the artist, Hollybush Gardens and National Museums, Liverpool/International Slavery Museum. Installation view at Spike Island, Bristol. Photography Stuart Whipps

Turner Prize winner Lubaina Himid’s artworks fill in the gaps that history leaves behind.