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The pain of war had at least one positive side-effect: medical advances in haematology.

A selection of our favourite articles published in 2017.

A new old take on the Danish succession, complete with tales of derring do.

From slavery, sugar and the worst of western colonialism to reggae and Rastafari.

Courtesy the artist, Hollybush Gardens and National Museums, Liverpool/International Slavery Museum. Installation view at Spike Island, Bristol. Photography Stuart Whipps

Turner Prize winner Lubaina Himid’s artworks fill in the gaps that history leaves behind.

The Parisian pornographer who modernised literature.

Stele representing the "paiment of taxes", Jaumont limestone, 2nd-3rd century, Metz. Kept in Musées de la Cour d'Or

Dealing with debt in the Roman Empire.

A celebrated image of the first Thanksgiving presents an idealised view of a troubled relationship, argue Daniel Carey and Claire Jowitt.

An embattled emperor offered guidance to his successors in the shape of a ‘mirror for princes’.

Hospital or home birth has rarely been a simple choice.