William Rubinstein

Class in Britain

As bankers gain pariah status, William D. Rubinstein discusses Britain’s changing attitudes towards the wealthy.

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

Sir John Reeves Ellerman was No.1 on the UK’s 1916 rich list. William D. Rubinstein looks at the careers of this reclusive, but fabulously rich, British man of business and of his children.

Mystery Identities

William D. Rubinstein, co-author of a radical new book on Shakespeare’s true identity, reflects on some riddles of history in the light of his own discoveries.

Genocide and Historical Debate

William D. Rubinstein ascribes the bitterness of historians’ arguments to the lack of an agreed definition and to political agendas.

The Hunt for Jack the Ripper

William D. Rubinstein reviews the achievements of the Ripperologists and considers the arguments surrounding the so-called Ripper Diaries.

The Secret of Leopold Amery

William D. Rubinstein investigates the political and personal motivations of a leading Conservative politician, and reveals the truth he sought to keep hidden.