Rachel Moss

The joys of adulthood: haymaking in June, from the Trés Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, 15th century.

When does a boy become a man? Medieval millennials were just as hard to define as those of today.

Saint Valentine receives a rosary from the Virgin, by David Teniers III

A letter from the teenager Margery Brews to her suitor John Paston contains the oldest surviving Valentine greeting in English. It is an extraordinary window on love and marriage in the late Middle Ages.

A teacher of a Latin school and two students, 1487

Far from being a tool of censorship, trigger warnings give a voice to those who might ordinarily find it hard to speak.

Illustration from 'Le livre des Proprietes des Choses' by Barthelemy Anglais, 15th century.

The ‘hands-on’ parenting style, so often thought to be unique to modern western society, has deep roots in the family life of the Middle Ages, argues Rachel Moss.