Peter Burley

Peter Burley looks at how changing times and political climates are echoed in the 20th-century's view of the Revolution on film.

Power and Faction in Louis XIV's France Roger Mettam - Basil Blackwell, 1988 – VII + 343pp - £25 The Collapse of the Anglo-French Alliance (1727-1731...

Peter Burley pores through a publication on the greatest 18th-century French thinkers.

This is not a history of the French Revolution in terms of social and political philosophy, nor a history of social and political philosophy in the...

In the world today, a nation's financial collapse can threaten its political and social stability. It was the same in France in 1789, explains Peter Burley.

The Falkland Islands were at the centre of dispute in 1770 – but was the conflict really over those far-away islands, or was it the political future of the French Secretary of State, Choiseul, that was at stake?