Paul Preston

George Steer and Guernica

Paul Preston remembers the journalist and Basque sympathizer who broke the news of the bombing of Guernica on April 26th, 1937.

Spanish Civil War

Paul Preston looks at the continued interest in the 1930s conflict, the subject of a new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

Franco and Azaña

The rival leaders in Spain’s Civil War were as different as the causes they embodied. Paul Preston compares their contrasting characters.

Franco's Nazi Haven

Paul Preston amplifies recent claims that Franco offered safe havens to fugitive Nazis

Revenge and Reconciliation

Longevity, not magnanimity, was the hallmark of the victorious Franco. Paul Preston reviews the legacies of the Civil War in the Spain the General ruled for nearly forty years.

Barricades against Fascism: The Popular Front in Europe

Paul Preston and Helen Graham discuss the tension developing in the Europe of the 30s as the Left attempted to unite against the growth of Fascism and the bloody timetable of political collapse, uprisings and mutiny that transformed a half-successful coup d'etat into a protracted civil war.