Patricia Peck

Québec City

Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits the capital of French Canada which is celebrating its 400th birthday this year

Family Research in Shanghai

Patricia Cleveland-Peck finds out how family historians can research the lives of their ancestors in the fast-changing city of Shanghai.

New York

Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits the Big Apple in search of its blossoming.

Toronto’s Pow Wow

Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits an annual festival of North American history and culture.

Casting the First Stone

Her race, sex, and a murder mystery were all factors blocking the career of Edmonia Lewis, a 19th-century black American sculptress struggling against the odds at the height of the US Civil War, yet she succeeded in overcoming all three. Here Patricia Cleveland Peck tells her remarkable story.

Garden of Sweden

Patricia Cleveland-Peck goes on the trail of the scientist Linnaeus, whose tercentenary this year is being marked in Sweden at a variety of locations associated with the great man.


Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits a Canadian city that looks to the future yet has an intriguing past.

The Viking Island

Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits Gotland, the Baltic island where the Viking and medieval pasts are to be found round every corner.

The Sussex Network

Patricia Cleveland-Peck on the part played by a French cafe in the Sussex Network operations during the Second World War.