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Michael Langley

View of Kamalia in Mandingo country, Africa, from: Mungo Park, Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa

Michael Langley describes how Park’s second journey of exploration down the River Niger was ended by his mysterious death at Bussa.

Scientist and, later, international statesman, Nansen embarked upon his great polar voyage in 1893, writes Michael Langley.

Michael Langley analyses the achievements of a great explorer of early colonial Australia.

Michael Langley writes that the enterprise of Rhodes and the creation of a white community in Central Africa were preceded by centuries of conflict between Europeans, Arabs and migrating Bantu.

Michael Langley introduces the prophet of free colonisation in Australasia.

French expansion, writes Michael Langley, in North and West Africa during the nineteenth century was an impressive colonial achievement.

Michael Langley describes how missionary endeavour, the ambition of Cecil Rhodes and the technology of mining engineers combined to create the background of modern Zambia.

Michael Langley describes how, until a mid-eighteenth century innovation, navigators seldom knew exactly where they were when at sea.

Michael Langley writes how, as early as 1620, an English traveller wrote an enthusiastic report on the wealth of the Gambia and its commercial possibilities.

“Not histrionics but steady and constant leadership saved Shackleton and his men”. Michael Langley finds that the great explorer’s skill and courage rescued a whole expedition from disaster after a struggle that lasted nearly two years.