Michael Burleigh

President Obama has more in common with Dwight D. Eisenhower than any other of his predecessors, says Michael Burleigh.

Hitler inside an early VW Beetle.

Michael Burleigh on the origins of Volkswagen. 

Michael Burleigh examines how the impact of German unification has affected the evaluation of the country's history from both sides of the former divide.

Must the historians be morally neutral on the subject he or she investigates? Michael Burleigh offers a personal view.

What would Europe (and Britain) have looked like if Hitler had won the war? Michael Burleigh unveils a fascinating, if chilling panorama of megalomaniac architecture and social engineering.

Michael Burleigh describes how the traditional debate over euthanasia was given a perverted twist by the Nazi use of it for a campaign of mass extermination, and the films and actors they used to enlist support for it.

Michael Burleigh investigates how academia was pressed into service to legitimise Nazi imperialism in the conquered East.

Michael Burleigh charts the career of one of the pillars of the German scholarly establishment under the Third Reich an invaluable middle-man in 're-educating' his pupils and massaging research to suit Nazi ideology.

The medieval order of Teutonic Knights held powerful sway over the historical imagination of Germany until the Second World War. Why and how did this nationalist myth flourish?