M.F. Farley

Woodes Rogers: Privateer and Pirate Hunter

M. Foster Farley describes the life of a great mariner and intrepid privateer; Woodes Rogers was at length appointed by a grateful government Governor-in-Chief of the Bahamas.

Commissioner Lin and Opium

Chinese Emperors banned the importation of opium, writes M. Foster Farley, but it was smuggled into the country by East Indian traders and led to the Opium War of 1840.

Adrian IV: England’s Only Pope

M. Foster Farley describes how, during his five years in the Vatican, Nicholas Breakspear had important dealings with the Holy Roman Empire, England and Ireland, and the Norman kingdom of Sicily.

Josiah Tattnall: American Sea Dog

M. Foster Farley introduces one of the most marked and original men of his day and generation; Tattnall distinguished himself in many hard-fought engagements from 1812 to 1864.

The ‘Old Wagoner’ and the ‘Green Dragoon’

M. Foster Farley describes the battle of the Cowpens, of January 17th, 1781, whereby an experienced old soldier, Daniel Morgan, routed the force led by Banastre Tarleton, a ‘ruthless and ambitious’ young adventurer.