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Graham Goodlad

Graham Goodlad examines the part played by military coalitions in an era of great change.

Graham Goodlad examines differing interpretations of the part played by King Charles I in the outbreak of the civil war.

Lord Palmerston was one of the dominant political figures of the nineteenth century. Foreign Secretary for 15 years and Prime Minister for almost a...

Graham Goodlad examines the role of Britain's postwar Labour government in the early stages of the Cold War.

A book which claims to overturn not one but two schools of historical interpretation is a rare publishing event. Steve Pincus’s new study of the...

Graham Goodlad assesses the political skills that helped Charles II to escape the unenviable fates of his father and brother.

Vernon Bogdanor has assembled an impressive collection of writers for this book of essays on post-war British Prime Ministers. A number, such as...

Graham Goodlad reviews the career of A.J. Balfour, an unsuccessful Prime Minister and party leader but an important and long-serving figure on the British political scene. 

Graham Goodlad examines the changing role of the occupant of Number Ten in an era of significant political change.

Graham Goodlad examines the controverisal reputation of Napoleon Bonaparte as a military commander.