G.G. Norton

Cruising to History

Graham Gendall Norton explores the opportunities open to those who like to sail into the past.

Ghana’s Golden Coast

This West African state was a focus of the slave trade for centuries, and the first African colony to win independence, exactly fifty years ago. Graham Gendall Norton finds lots of history to explore.


Graham Gendall Norton introduces a city that has faced invasions and foreign adventures since Roman times.

The Gambia

Historical travel, alone or in organized tours, is burgeoning and fun. Our new series suggests some places for the past-minded traveller to think about. Graham Gendall Norton introduces an accessible but exotic land which has long been a cultural crossroads.

Toussaint Louverture

France officially commemorates the bicentennial of the death of a black French general, as Napoleon's prisoner, on April 7th, 1803.

Postscript on the Szent István

Graham Norton recounts the story of the sinking of the First World War Austro-Hungarian dreadnought, the Szent István, in view of the recent expeditions to the wreck.