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Desmond Seward

Liberty Leading the People, 30 July 1830, by Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863), painted 1830-31.

A lucid, entertaining history of France and its cultural contribution by an accomplished master of the grand narrative.

Francis I (1494-1547) Receives the Last Breaths of Leonardo da Vinci, by Jean Auguste Ingres, 1818.

How did Charles V, Francis I, Suleiman the Magnificent and Henry VIII rule the lands and seas of Europe?

In the reign of Francis I, writes Desmond Seward, the first modern and last medieval poet attended the French court.

Hermann von Salza

Desmond Seward describes an outstanding colonial achievement of the Middle Ages.

Templars are burnt at the stake

Desmond Seward describes the abrupt end of a European military and financial institution.

In 1538, believing his kingdom to be under threat, Henry VIII brutally settled scores dating back to the dynastic conflicts of the 15th century, as Desmond Seward explains.