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Charles Seltman

Charles Seltman introduces Pythagoras, a man of great personal authority and astonishingly diverse gifts, who founded one of the most influential schools of philosophy in the ancient world.

In the second part of his series, Charles Seltman focuses on the life of Pythagoras in Italy and how he became one of the greatest thinkers and most remarkable men in history.

Charles Seltman shows how Egyptian memories of Crete and its inhabitants may have given rise to the Platonic legend of the lost island of Atlantis.

Charles Seltman helps explain the mysteries of the Diopet.

Charles Seltman analyses the role of the darker deity in Ancient Greece. Second of a two part series. The first part can be read here.

Charles Seltman visits the Holiest Place of the Greeks. Part I of a two part series. Second part can be read here.

Charles Seltman traces the idea of the ruler not only great but good—helper and protector of his subjects—back to Alexander of Macedon.

Charles Seltman presents the discovery and patronage of Herculaneum as a classical drama.