Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook looks at the mysterious career of a man notorious for selling seats in the House of Lords.

Andrew Cook takes a look at the Duke of Clarence, grandson of Queen Victoria, who is most often remembered as a wastrel who died young, and is sometimes mentioned as a suspect for Jack the Ripper murders.

Andrew Cook describes how a chance encounter with Houdini had a profound impact on the methods of Britain’s leading First World War spymaster.

Andrew Cook examines the latest evidence from MI5 on the miners’ strike and the fall of the Heath government, March 1974.

FBI mugshot of John Hinkcley, Jr. after his attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Andrew Cook looks at the idea of the unaided assassin, and finds several 20th-century examples.

Andrew Cook compares notes from Soviet sources and recently released MI5 files on Klaus Fuchs, the British nuclear physicist and spy who helped the Soviet Union develop the atom bomb.

Andrew Cook relates the story of Sidney Reilly - the inspiration behind James Bond.