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Theodore Roosevelt

Marcus Cunliffe re-estimates a big man in several respects, of a scale that the American presidency demands and does not always get.

D.H. Burton writes that Roosevelt was one of the chief architects of an Anglo-American understanding that survived many diplomatic crises.

Only ten years ago, Trieste seemed likely to become the Sarajevo of a Third World War. Here J. Garston, a military eye-witness, describes how, thanks to a combination of tact and firmness, an apparently impossible problem was for the time being solved.

Barack Obama’s admiration for the progressive Republicanism of Theodore Roosevelt ignores the true nature of both early 20th-century America and the president who embodied it, argues Tim Stanley.

Cartoon historian Mark Bryant tells how a cartoonist made a President cuddly and sparked the creation of the world’s favourite soft toy.

When Teddy Roosevelt was re-elected, on November 8th, 1904, his words to his wife Edith were: 'My dear, I am no longer a political accident'.