A master of the early Renaissance depicts the moment that Christians regard as the confirmation of Jesus’ divinity.

The ideas set out by Martin Luther sparked a reformation in the idea of authority itself. 

A comprehensive account of the man who split western Christendom for good.

The small city of Hereford became one of England’s most important pilgrim sites due to the many miracles attributed to a local saint.

Seeing the Virgin Mary is the dream of dreams for many Catholics. Although generally ambivalent about such visions, the Vatican has investigated and...
Mount Sinai holds a special place in the imagination as the place where Moses saw God and received the Tablets of the Law. Few who have visited it...
I have written self-indulgently, as I myself like to read about the past. I do not like the proper names of nonentities, numbered dates of...

Saint Ignatius of Loyola became General of the Society of Jesus on April 19th, 1541.

The churchmen and leader of the Oxford Movement died on March 29th 1866.

The first English king to be converted to Christianity died on February 24th, 616.