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Volume 9 Issue 10 October 1959

Martin Braun offers his study of the Italian Liberators' roles on the centenary of the beginning of their work.

W. Baring Pemberton introduces the most intrepid of the Italian Liberator's English volunteers.

Since Sir Rowland Hill evolved the Penny Post in 1839, C.W. Hill describes how postage stamps all over the world have come to play a part in recording their countries’ history.

William III was one of the most successful, yet least popular, of British monarchs, writes J.P. Kenyon, whose reign marked a steady advance in the ascent of his adopted country. You can find the first part of this article here.

Throughout the Terror in 1793-94, writes Vera Watson, the British Government were being supplied with detailed reports on French Cabinet meetings. Who was the Spy among the thirteen members of the Committee of Public Safety?