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Volume 68 Issue 3 March 2018

The man who conspired to kill Julius Caesar was not quite the friend to Romans and countrymen that his legendary status suggests. 

Henri Pirenne transformed the way historians think about the end of the Classical world and the beginning of the Middle Ages.

The myths that surround the ultimately tragic rule of Charles I mask the realities of a courageous and uxorious king who fell foul of a bitter struggle between two sides of English Protestantism.

During the Second World War, Britain, the US and the Soviet Union worked together in oil-rich Iran. But cooperation was to degenerate into suspicion and hostility. 

In the fashionable female circles of 18th-century Paris, a physician who recommended fresh air, exercise and looser corsets became a celebrated figure.

Paleontologist and fossil hunter Mary Anning was born on 21 May 1799.

One of the world's poorest countries, for much of its history Nepal has been hidden from the world.

The seemingly insignificant objects of our daily lives are vital tools to understanding our past.

It is tempting to try to understand events such as Brexit through historical analogies, but how useful are these comparisons?

The 16th century was a time of crisis and change for Portugal’s empire.

Behind the dominating presence of Frankenstein, the richness of Mary Shelley’s life is in danger of being lost.

Of the millions of enslaved Africans in the Americas, only those in Hispaniola and Guiana mounted rebellions that brought freedom. Elsewhere,...
There was once a Polish girl who could spend hours happily leafing through books. When she was 16, her parents allowed her to order a bookcase from...
Christabel (left) and Emmeline Pankhurst in 1903. The campaign in Victorian and Edwardian Britain for the parliamentary vote for women was long and...
One of the United States’ greatest-ever chief executives, Franklin Delano Roosevelt invented the modern presidency through his strong leadership...
Charles II in about 1650, by Adriaen Hanneman (or his studio). This action-packed book begins with the heir to the throne fighting alongside his...
Death and dead bodies have been an obsession of humans for as long as we have existed. This examination of history’s various disinterments and...
Books about the Tudors appear with startling frequency, but a new book about their contribution to architectural history should make readers sit up,...

The historian on her love for Mary Wollstonecraft, Locke’s manuscripts and why you should wash your hands.

A historical landscape is impossible to recover, but we can still feel its power.

The landmarks of Victorian London, painted onto a fashionable leather glove.

The French emperor was a hero to the composer, inspiring a revolutionary symphony. But disillusionment was soon to follow.