Volume 47 Issue 1 January 1997

Ronan Thomas takes a look at the cultures of Korea after becoming independent from Japan in 1945.

Brian Winston casts a critical eye over Leni Riefenstahl's cinematic paean to Nazi aesthetics.

Peter Cotgreave explains how modern scientists can use their predecessors' data.

Christopher Dyer argues for an upgrading of the town’s importance in the Middle Ages.

Penny Johnston introduces the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Maryland.

James Walvin on how tea, sugar and tobacco hooked Britons into a fondness for the fruits of imperial expansion.

Michael Leech celebrates the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Lev Razgon's unique and chilling encounter with one of Stalin's mass murderers.

Fools' gold, Dr Faustus - traditional images of a Renaissance black art. But was there more to it than that? Zbigniew Szydlo and Richard Brzezinski offer an intriguing rehabilitation.