Volume 46 Issue 9 September 1996

Graham Shipley meets the dead in a Greek cemetery - an oasis of classicism in modern Athens.

Andrew Wheatcroft examines how an 18th-century succession crisis unlocks a tale of dynastic obsession and myth-history in Austria's first family.

David Nicholls explains what is not included in a modern French film looking at love, betrayal and anti-colonialism in 1930s South East Asia.

Ian Fitzgerald investigates some changes to the Historical Association.

Gerd Horten on how 'soaps' helped win the war after Pearl Harbor.

Peter Wiseman offers some intriguing thoughts on the world of the emperor Domitian - its traumas and terrors - to mark the 1900th anniversary of his assassination.

Peter Atkins and Paul Brassley uncover alarming 19th-century precedents for the ‘mad cow’ fiasco.

A reflection on the life of one of the most colourful Habsburg rulers the 'Last Knight', Maximilian.

Bernard Porter argues that the 'End of Empire' unravelled British domestic politics as well as her international outlook.

Offices for sale have always been a key feature through French history but here William Doyle offers some new and surprising thoughts on their appeal and longevity.