Volume 45 Issue 6 June 1995

Richard Cavendish reflects on the growth of the Clark's shoe industry.

Alan Steinweis considers how a Victorian historian's hero-worship became entangled with the propaganda visions of the Nazis a century later.

Brian Neve discusses what the film that made Marlon Brando a fifties icon has to tell us about American society and politics in the McCarthy era.

Philip Longworth looks at a religious adventurer who ended up reviled as a double agent in 17th-century Europe.

Aidan Rankin examines the struggle of the Wichí Indians of North Argentina who fight back against discrimination in their daily lives.

Kate Lowe and Eugene McLaughlin investigate the latest chain of tourist attractions in a multi million dollar Chinese theme park.

Brian Allen looks at how contemporary military and political aspirations and events inspired – or failed to inspire the artists of mid-Georgian Britain.

Teenage pregnancy and street gossip – but also lessons in housekeeping and good husbandry. Jeremy Goldberg draws on contemporary documents to assess the pluses and minuses of entering adulthood as a woman in the late Middle Ages.

Centenary celebrations of the building of Westminster Cathedral

Michael Leech investigates the restoration of one of Norwich's most ancient buildings, Dragon Hall.