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Volume 44 Issue 4 April 1994

Richard Cavendish visits True's Yard folk museum and heritage centre in Norfolk.

Paul Cartledge considers how models of the past have been used in the Westminster version of 'people power'.

Michael Leech looks into the work going on at archaeological site Hamptonne property in Jersey.

Andrew Wilton discusses a picture that shows the great landscape painter in a role removed from his stereotype, and which tells us much about the changing mores and aspirations of 'Middlemarch' England. 

Bruce Martin on whether nostalgia or modernism will win out in plans to reshape the centre of Berlin.

Barry Strauss looks at the contrasts and similarities between the city-states and the 'land of the free'.

David Ellwood looks at the past precedents for 'movie' wars between America and Europe

Robert Martin places the great American radical writer in the philosophical and sexual context of his time.

Fernando Cervantes explores the conversion process from polytheistic human sacrifice to devotion to the Mother Church.

Felix Barker investigates the revival of Lauderdale House.

We may all know about Nefertiti, but what was life like for the less-famous women of ancient Egypt? Joyce Tyldesley describes the restraints and freedoms operating on daughters of Isis.