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Volume 44 Issue 11 November 1994

Richard Cavendish and the leitmotiv of lost innocence at Elgar's birthplace and museum near Worcester.

Peter Higgs looks at how a monumental Hellenistic statue sheds light on culture, religion and identity in Roman North Africa.

Helen Davidson on how mining history is in jeopardy.

Harry Hearder argues that language has been a help rather than a hindrance in Italy's past and present struggle to achieve political and psychological unity.

Philip Davies examines how People Power has come to the fore via citizen initiatives in recent American history.

Bryan Palmer looks at how language, geography, regionalism, class and gender are interacting to make for interesting times in Canada's historiography.

Louis Crompton argues that male love and military prowess went hand in hand in classical Greece.

Christina Walkley looks at how the triumphs and tragedies of pioneer women on the trail West can be traced in their patchwork quilts.

Has our image of Henry VIII's elder daughter as 'Bloody Mary', burning Protestants and unhappily married to Philip of Spain, clouded our assessment of how close she came to restoring the old religion? 

Steve Humphries uncovers via oral testimony the hidden history of Britain's pre-war homeless

Karl Hack on the links between dams and decolonisation and the ups and downs of Anglo-Malaysian relations.

Ian Fitzgerald on Wall Street's Native American history