Volume 43 Issue 2 February 1993

Richard Cavendish introduces the Society which seeks to preserve 20th century buildings.

Raymond Smith and Nicholas Young chart the history of human waste disposal.

Michael Antonucci discerns Byzantine origins in today's international power politics.

Ann Hills on the UNESCO masterplan to rescue Petra.

Robert Edelman unravels the intriguing tale of the politics behind the rise-and-fall of a crack Red Army football team during the Cold War.

Three hundred years ago the seal was set for an educational establishment in Virginia that has since exercised a powerful cultural and social influence in North America. J.E. Morpurgo looks at the life and times of the College of William and Mary.

For some in the years 1789-94, the people's drama in Paris was not fast enough at reflecting a world turned upside down. Michele Root-Bernstein looks at what was performed and how revolutionary it really was.

Hardyesque idyll or a vision of dereliction and random cruelty? Alun Howkins looks at how historians have treated the story of nineteenth-century rural Britain.