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Volume 38 Issue 7 July 1988

Why did Monmouth fail and William of Orange succeed? Robin Clifton investigates the tale of two rebellions.

John Morrill argues that recent scholarship is re-shaping our view of the fortunes of monarchy and Parliament between 1660 and 1688.

Charles Wilson sets the scene for a special issue celebrating the tercentenary of the Glorious Revolution and England's 'Dutch Connection'.

Robert Beddard chronicles the indiscriminate orgy of looting and destruction unleashed in the vacuum between James' flight and William's arrival in the capital.

Charles Boxer examines the impact of 1688 on Anglo-Dutch relationship with nations east of Suez.

Jonathan Israel charts the progress from commercial competition to open war and finally 'snarling alliance' of two assertive naval powers.

Roger Whiting explores sets of playing cards at the time of the Spanish Armada and the Glorious Revolution.

Rex Cathcart examines how William's brief intervention in Ireland has provided a rallying-point in ideology and iconography for Protestants to the present day.

Edward Corp visits the 17th-century royal apartments of the Chateau Vieux.

John Childs surveys the remarkable career of a professional soldier who fought for six nations yet remained consistent to his church and personal principles

Bill Speck considers the three-cornered manoeuvrings between Anglicanism, Dissent and Catholicism that culminated in the events of 1688-89.

The Etruscans are not as mysterious as they used to be. Thirty years ago this ancient Italian people were the subject of much popular interest, and...