New College of the Humanities

Volume 33 Issue 10 October 1983

In the third of our series of articles on faction, Kevin Sharpe shows how, in the early 17th century, the monopoly of patronage by a court favourite distorted the pattern of politics in council, court and parliament.

Roger Pethybridge continues our series on the Post-War reconstruction of Europe.

Peter Beck urges an aggressive campaign in the defence of the study of history.

Elisabeth Darby and Nicola Smith look at the impact of the death of Victoria's consort.

Victor Bailey look at the movement that began on the evening of October 4th, 1883, when a young Glasgow Sunday School teacher, William Smith, opened the doors of his Free Church Mission Hall for the first meeting of a voluntary, uniformed youth organisation concerned with the Christian development of adolescent boys.

A new booklet on the Ministry of Information and its wartime messages to the British public.

Geoffrey Finlayson discusses how Margaret Thatcher's style of Conservatism reflects the development of the Tory Party over nearly two hundred years.

Richard Clogg commemorates the 150th anniversary of the death of the prominent agitator for Greek nationhood.

Anthony D. Smith surveys the historiographical treatment of this topical subject in this month's Reading History.

Martin McCauley continues our series of articles on the Post-War Reconstruction.

Historic FA Cup medals on show in Blackburn.