Volume 22 Issue 9 September 1972

How Thomas Cook and his son changed the aspects of travel, at home and abroad.

Cecil Northcott describes how Mackenzie’s dream of a liberal empire south of the Zambezi met opposition from Cecil Rhodes and from the Boers.

R.W. Brockway presents palaeolithic man as an accomplished artist.

Peter Petrie profiles an American journalistic pioneer, the founder and first editor of the New York Herald newspaper.

Iris Macfarlane describes how the East India Company in 1714-17 sought to flatter the Mughal Emperor.

Constance Head describes how, in the tenth century, a scholarly young man and an ambitious admiral presided over the large Byzantine empire.

D.G. Chandler introduces Marlborough; a man, ‘whose mind was not confined to battle ... at once a captain and a diplomatist,’ as Napoleon a century later said of the British commander.