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Volume 22 Issue 5 May 1972

Since Tudor times, and for four centuries, the observance of the Sabbath was strictly enjoined by Government regulation.

In 1572, writes S.F.C. Moore, Brill was the scene of a dramatic action in the Dutch revolt against the rule of Spain.

Before the extension of the railways, writes Louis C. Kleber, long cattle-drives were the way of life west of the Mississippi.

Robert Halsband describes how, in 1731, the Leader of the Opposition and a supporter of Sir Robert Walpole fought a celebrated duel in Green Park, London.

Bruce Chatwin describes how the dispute between Abel and Cain, the nomadic shepherd and the city-dwelling planter, has continued throughout history.

Alan Haynes profiles a satirist, playwright and man of letters; Aretino led a prodigal and adventurous life in late Renaissance Italy.