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Volume 19 Issue 6 June 1969

In the days of European Imperialism, writes Alastair Hirst, a notable Scotsman played a large part in the history of Morocco.

In the year after ‘Mr. Madison’s War’, writes W.I. Cunningham, three Massachusetts businessmen helped to transfer the Industrial Revolution from England to America.

Ernest A. Gray analyses the Navy’s role on land and sea in the Crimean Campaign.

From 1775 onwards, writes Mildred Archer, a succession of British officials delighted in the centre of Hindu religion and learning upon the banks of the Ganges.

George Green describes the experiences of his grandfather, a typical Liverpool docker’s life of the late nineteenth century.

The Tower of London, writes E.A. Humphrey Fenn, contains on its walls an extensive collection of prisoners’ graffiti.

Romney Sedgwick describes how, under the pen-name of Junius, Sir Philip Francis ‘threw his firebrands’ at King and Government during the years 1769-72.

W.N. Bryant introduces Bede, the ‘Father of English History’, a Northumbrian Monk who devoted his life to study, teaching and church services.