Volume 17 Issue 7 July 1967

Bela Menczer describes the various intellectual and artistic personalities who conspired to produce the Exposition Universelle, in Paris, in 1867.

At a low point in his fortunes, the Liberator sent an emissary to recruit troops in London. Philip Ziegler describes how their achievements were of various importance, but the flame of Simón Bolivar’s British Legion lives on.

A.L. Rowse finds that for more than 200 years Cornwall has been making an important contribution to British pottery.

Pepys hoped that his library would remain intact for the benefit of future ages. R.W. Ladborough describes how the diarist's hopes were realized; and the collection of books that he left behind him forms an impressive memorial to his rich and diverse personality.

W.L.F. Nuttall describes how, when the Star Chamber was abolished in 1641 it became easier to print home news, and many newspapers appeared, supporting both sides in the Civil Wars.