Issue 66 March 2010

Vincent Barnett welcomes a new introductory text on the most important modern British economist.

Michael Scott-Baumann explains why Nasser is such an important figure in the Middle East in the twentieth century.

David Hipshon outlines the career of the most controversial king ever to have occupied the English throne.

Battle of Königgrätz, by Georg Bleibtreu. Oil on canvas, 1869.

Robert Pearce examines the factors that led to Prussia's victory in the German civil war of 1866.

Ian Garrett advises on how to succeed under the new AQA rules.

Viv Saunders reveals how sport and society are intertwined.

Lindsay Pollick reviews changing interpretations.

R. E. Foster sifts myth from reality in the life of the 'Lady with the Lamp'.

Graham Goodlad assesses the political skills that helped Charles II to escape the unenviable fates of his father and brother.