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Issue 64 September 2009

Graham Goodland assesses the impact of developments in non-military technology on the conduct of war in the modern era.

David Powell establishes a clear path through the historiographical maze

John Matusiak pricks the imperial pretension of the monarch who came to the throne 500 years ago

Chris Corin exposes the huge apparatus created by Tsarist Russia to combat the threat of revolution.

Wayne Johnson explains what is on offer at one of Britain’s newest universities

Robert Hughes provides an Examiner's Commentary

Gabriele d’Annunzio.

Robert Pearce examines the career of Mussolini’s forerunner.

Mark Rathbone analyses the continuing influence of the Munich conference on post-war events.

Lucy Wooding introduces a highly significant, but often much misunderstood, cultural force.

A 1911 ad offering "allotted Indian land" for sale

Andrew Boxer traces the origins of a historical issue still as controversial and relevant today as in past centuries.