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Issue 54 March 2006

Richard Ballard looks at how events in the opening years of the French Revolution took shape in a town three days’ journey from Paris.

Tim Clancey asks whether American Presidents have exceeded their legitimate powers.

Russel Tarr shows that there is much more to using video than pressing ‘play’.

Kevin Jefferys examines a publication of seminal influence on the postwar Labour party.

Chris Corin restores two Old Bolsheviks to their rightful places in Soviet History.

R. E. Foster reconsiders the origins of the Church Settlement of 1559.

Rob Johnston advises that we adopt a questioning approach.

Alan Farmer examines the process which led to the unification of Italy.

Graham Noble introduces a figure whose career sheds light on the power struggles of Henry VIII’s reign.

Graham Goodlad assesses the success of British governments in responding to the demands of war, from the French Revolutionary conflict to the 1914-18 struggle.