New College of the Humanities

Issue 47 December 2003

Jon Cook identifies the mix of factors that helps explain the Florentine Renaissance.

Robert Carr draws uncomfortable parallels between Christianity and Nazism.

This is a strange book. In some respects Roy Hattersley has done an excellent job. If you want a readable, accurate and quite interesting life of...

Russel Tarr demonstrates how today’s technology can enliven teaching and learning about the past.

A group of second-year students from Southampton University present the results of a collaborative research project.

Martyn Bennett welcomes a new study of the first Stuart to occupy the English throne.

Joshua Shotton defends a much-maligned statesman.

Orla Finnegan and Ian Cawood show that the reasons for Parnell’s fall in 1890 are not as straightforward as they may appear at first sight.

Robert Pearce outlines the extraordinary career of trade union leader-turned-politician J.H. Thomas.

Michael Lynch takes a fresh look at the key reform of 19th-century Russia.