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Issue 44 December 2002

F.G. Stapleton examines the momentous social and political consequences of Germany's spectacular economic growth.

Simon Lemieux examines the hard facts about the Inquisition and counters the common caricature.

Mark Rathbone examines the varied reputation of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland.

The editor, Robert Pearce, has kept the best reference books for himself.

Robin Evans puts Henry Tudor's victory into Welsh historical perspective.

Mark Rathbone considers why Lord Palmerston was the dominant political leader in Britain from 1855 to 1865.

David Nicholls analyses the potential job market for history graduates.

Andrew Reekes speaks out in protest at the new A2/AS dispensation.

John Claydon analyses the increasingly rich profusion of writings on the nature of the Bolshevik Revolution and of subsequent Soviet rule.

Robert Pearce examines the career of the man who was successively trade union leader, Minister of Labour and Foreign Secretary.