History Today Christmas Subscription

Issue 43 September 2002

David Dutton asks whether Simon was the 'Worst Foreign Secretary since Ethelred the Unready'.

Michael Lynch introduces the controversial career of a gargantuan figure in Chinese and modern world history.

David L. Smith provides an overview of parliamentary history during the 'century of revolutions'.

Graham Goodlad considers the reasons for the disintegration of the early nineteenth-century Tory Party, which had dominated British politics for more than four decades.

Graham D Goodlad matches source-based questions with the skills needed to tackle them effectively.

Graham Noble investigates the causes of the rise and fall of French Protestantism.

Graham Darby explains how and why the creation of the Dutch state preceded the existence of Dutch national feeling.

Edgar Feuchtwanger warns against exaggerating the extent or significance of liberalism’s failure in German history.

Peter Anderson compares the tactics and resources of the two sides.